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Do other states have cities named after yours?

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Well i'm going to start out with North Carolina.


1. Greensboro, North Carolina

2. Greensboro, Florida

3. Greensboro, Georgia

4. Greensboro, Maryland

5. Greensboro, Vermont

6. Greensboro, Pennsylvania

7. Greensboro, Alabama

8. Greensboro, Indiana (this town was named after the same war hero that Greensboro, NC was named after which was General Nathaniel Greene)


1. Charlotte, North Carolina

2. Charlotte, Michigan

3. Charlotte, Iowa

4. Charlotte, Tennesse

5. Charlotte, Texas

6. Charlotte, Vermont

7. Charlotte, Arkansas

8. Charlotte, Illinois

9. Charlotte, Louisiana


1. Raleigh, North Carolina

2. Raleigh, Florida

3. Raleigh, Illinois

4. Raleigh, Missisippi

5. Raleigh, North Dakata

6. Raleigh, Georgia

7. Raleigh, Iowa

8. Raleigh, Kentucky

9. Raleigh, Indiana

10. Raleigh, Tennesse


1. Durham, North Carolina

2. Durham, New Hampshire

3. Durham, Arkansas

4. Durham, California

5. Durham, Conneticut

6. Durham, Kansas

7. Durham, Oregon

8. Durham Pennsylvania

9. Durham, Oklahoma

10. Durham, Maine

Winston-Salem is one of a kind :) I also cant think of any other city in the United States that uses a dash but there are a number of Winstons and Salems

1. Winston, Florida

2. Winston, Missouri

3. Winston, Montana

4. Winston, New Hampshire

5. Winston, Oregon

6. Winston, Virginia

7. Winston, Georgia

8. Winston, Illionois

9. Winston, Kentucky

10. Winston, Missisippi

1. Salem, Oregon

2. Salem, Massachusetts

3. Salem, New Hampshire

4. Salem, Indiana

5. Salem, New Jersey

6. Salem, Ohio

7. Salem, Virginia

8. Salem, Alabama

9. Salem, Arkansas

High Point

1. High Point, North Carolina

2. High Point, Florida

3. High Point, Missouri

4. High Point, Alabama

5. High Point, Deleware

6. High Point, Georgia

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THE Detroit, MI (Detroit: French for three Rivers)

Detroit, AL

Detroit, IL

Detroit, ME

Detroit, OR

Detroit, TX

Detroit, KS

Detroit, TN

Also note that in Illinois and Maine, there is a town called Pittsfield to the West of the Detroits. West of THE Detroit, MI there is a small town (now overrun by Ann Arbor growth) called Pittsfield.

Flint, MI (named for the Flint rock found around the area)

Flint, TX

Flint, GA

Flint, ID

Flint, IL

Flint, IN

Flint, KY

Flint, MD

Flint, NY (of Onatrio co)

Flint, NY (of Ulster co)

Saginaw, MI (named after group of Native Americans that lived there) Located on the SAGINAW river which leads out to the SAGINAW Bay

Saginaw, TX

Saginaw, AL

Saginaw, MN

Saginaw, MO

Saginaw, AR

Saginaw, AZ

Saginaw, GA

Saginaw, OR

Saginaw, PA

Midland, MI (named because it's near the middle of the state??)

Midland, TX (appears to be the largest of the Midlands)

Midland, WA

Midland, AR

Midland, CA

Midland, IN

Midland, MD

Midland, OH

Midland, OR

Midland, PA

THE Lansing, MI (our state capitol)

Lansing, IL

Lansing, KS

Lansing, IA

Lansing, MN

Lansing, NC

Lansing, AR

Lansing, FL

Lansing, NY (Tompkins co)

Lansing, NY (Oswego co)

Bay City, MI (Located on the Saginaw Bay)

Bay City, TX

Bay City, IL

Bay City, OR

Bay City, WI

Bay City, FL

Bay City, NC

Bay City, WA

On my way to work, there is a sign that shows the distances to Saginaw and St. Louis. That is "middle of the mitten" St. Louis. Known for its location smack dab in the middle of Michigan's lower peninsula.

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1. Houston, TX.

Houston, AR

Houston, DE

Houston, FL

Houston, MN

Houston, MO (Houston is located in Texas (County, that is)

Houston, MS

Houston PA

Houston, AK

Houston, AL

2. Austin, TX

Austin, MN

Austin, AR - 3 different towns in AR with this name

Austin, IN

Austin, KY

Austin, MT

Austin, NV

Austin, PA


Oakland, NJ

Oakland, AR

Oakland, FL

Oakland, IA

Oakalnd, IL

Oakland, KY

Oakland, LA

Oakland, MD

Oakland County, MI

Atlanta has a neighborhood called Oakland City.

Topeka has an Oakland neighborhood district.

4. Richmond, VA

Richmond, CA

Richmond, IN

Richond, KY

Richmond, MO

Richmond, TX

Richmond, AR

Richmond, IL

Richmond, KS

Richmond, LA

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There are Greenvilles everywhere-----------

Greenville, SC

Greenville, NC

Greenville, GA

Greenville, IL

Greenville, FL

Greenville, AL

Greenville, IN

Greenville, CA

Greenville, IA

Greenville, KY

Greenville, ME

Greenville, MI

Greenville, MO

Greenville, MS

Greenville, NH

Greenville, NY

Greenville, OH

Greenville, PA

Greenville, RI

There are also:

East Greenville, PA

Greeneville, TN

But there is only one Spartanburg!

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There are Springfields everywhere too:

Springfield, AR

Springfield, CO

Springfield, GA

Springfield, ID

Springfield, IL

Springfield, KY

Springfield, LA

Springfield, MA

Springfield, ME

Springfield, MN

Springfield, MO

Springfield, NE

Springfield, NH

Springfield, NJ

Springfield, OH

Springfield, OR

Springfield, PA

Springfield, SC <I didn't know that :blink:

Springfield, SD

Springfield, TN

Springfield, VA

Springfield, VT

Springfield, WI

Springfield, WV

There are also:

Springfield Center, NY

Springfield Gardens, NY

North Springfield, PA

North Springfield, VT

East Springfield, NY

East Springfield, OH

East Springfield, PA

West Springfield, MA

West Springfield, PA

New Springfield, OH

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Northeast Memphis has an area called Raleigh, I'm unsure if its officially incorporated though - but its a probably got some 20-30,000 people.

Raleigh, TN, was never incorporated and was annexed by Memphis 25 years ago. It's now become a suburban slum.

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how about Portland

1. Portland, Arkansas

2. Portland, Connecticut

3. Portland. Indiana

4. Portland, Maine

5. Portland, Oregon

6. Portland, Michigan

7. Portland, Missouri

8. Portland, New York

9. Portland, North Dakota

10. Portland, Ohio

11. Portland, Pennsylvania

12. Portland, Tennessee

13. Portland, Texas

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Pittsburgh has spawned so many cities by its name that it asked the Post Office for the colonial era H back to distinguish itself!

Pittsburg, California

Pittsburg, Kansas

Pittsburg, Florida

Pittsburg, Colorado

Pittsburg, Indiana

Pittsburg, Iowa

Pittsburg, Illinois

Pittsburg, Kentucky

Pittsburg, Missouri

Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Pittsburg, Oklahoma

Pittsburg, Oregon

Pittsburg, South Carolina

Pittsburg, Texas

Pittsburg, Utah

Pittsburg, Ontario

Pittsburg, Australia

Planet named Pittsburgh in honor of the first great American astronomer John Brashear

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heard there was a cardgame between two Yankee traders out there to determine what dudes hometown would have its name adopted by that outpost. Always wondered if this was true or not. Lucky for us the Maine man won, Boston Oregon would be a little strange, Portland the big CITY is always oregon, while Maine has the smaller town of Portland, two large Bostons on both coasts (as well as in England) would be a little confusing. ;)

Pittsburg would have been a good name for the settlement, but alas a town in Oregon already wanted to be like us :D wonder if that involved a cardgame with someone from Cleveland? :lol:

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