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unknown anomaly in the Baltic Ocean.

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Reserchers are perplexed about an unknown object on the floor of the Baltic Ocean. Many thought it was a UFO but what ever it is, it appears that it was constructed by an intelligence. Divers went down and took photos of what appears to be a strange mushroom shaped object. Every time divers went directly over the object, their electronics shut down. 3D sonar reveals straight lines and passages in the object and there seems to be a staircase. At the top of the dome is a perfectly circular hole. If it is proven to be ancient construction, it would have had to have been built before the last ice age when water levels were much lower. Any kind of man made construction before the last ice age would be a major find because it would be 20,000 or 30,000 years older than ancient Egypt or the Sumerian civilization which are the earliest known civilizations. It would prove that humans at the time weren't primate cave men and that there were many civilizations long before ancient Egypt and Sumeria. We might be surprised at whats buried beneath the ocean floors all around the world.


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