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Sylvan Park getting a roundabout?


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Not sure if any of you heard about this, but there is a concept plan floating around for improving the Murphy Road/46th Ave/Sloan Rd. intersection in Sylvan Park by creating a roundabout. The plan would also add a lot of on street parking, sidewalks and vastly improve the safety of pedestrians in the area. Of course, there's always one loud voice in the crowd that has to cry foul before any real discussion towards compromise can be had. The owners of Star Bagel are taking the low road by going completely negative and spewing out ridiculous threats that they'll have to lay off workers as a result of a roundabout. There's no question this intersection needs work as this retail hub continues to grow.

There has already been one community meeting and although I wasn't able to attend, I heard that most people are supportive of the overall plan.


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The roundabout looks kinda small. I can't see a semi negotiation the turn from 46th to Murphy. I think a larger diameter roundie would be less accident-prone.

Might be a good idea to keep semis out of this neighborhood anyway. I can't think of any industrial or high volume commercial uses along this corridor that would warrant such a large delivery vehicle. Your comment brings to mind the intersection of wedgewood and bransford avenue- also hard to negotiate when pulling a trailer. Semis use it as a bypass instead of craighead- who knows why- and regularly knock over the telephone pole at the intersection. It would never happen if they didn't take detours through a residential neighborhood.

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Hey_Hey, have Lexingtonians ever figured out the roundabout on East Reynolds? Seemed like when I lived there somebody just drives straight into the grass about once a week.

Yeah, they seem to have figured it out. I've was through there occasionally (once every week or two) and never saw any accidents or issues. I am a fan of roundabouts, and thought the roundabout at Reynolds in Lexington at least gave some character to an otherwise fairly character-less area.

What has also been interesting is the Double Crossover Diamond at Harrodsburg and New Circle Rd. http://transportatio...es/default.aspx This was finished about a year ago, and after some initial skepticism I think it has worked out beautifully. Reportedly there has been an 30% increase in traffic counts, but the number of collisions has decreased 42% and congestion and transit times have decreased. Anecdotally, I sat in less traffic there than prior to the change. http://www.kentucky....rrodsburgs.html

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I got off of New Circle at Harrodsburg around Christmastime and was quite surprised! I wonder if there are places in Nashville that could benefit from a double crossover? It appears that if the crossings were overpasses the signals could be completely eliminated.

I noticed no skidmarks at the roundabout when I was cruising the Culvers last week. People used to just drive straight into the grass when I lived there. I think it was slightly re-worked a few years ago to widen the median as cars approach in order to aim them better.

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