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More Downtown Columbia

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Came across this guy's site with some decent pics of the Cola skyline and some buildings...

Click here to check it out.


I just got a sweet new digital camera, so I hope to venture out and take some cool pics of my own soon (just waiting for it to stop raining). Gonna try and do a few downtown as well as other cool areas like the Riverfront and Vista, Olympia Mill, 5 Points/Divine Street and Vista West in Cayce. If any out-of-towners have requests post 'em.

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Kevin's site used to be called It was a great site, but I think his funds for it ran dry. I even didn't know he still had pics on the internet. Thats awsome.


I'd like to request a pic from the same vantage point as on your post, and one from the Blossom St. bridge like this one above, but without those pesky power lines. (It might not be possible though....)

I have some suggestions as well:

-Downtown from Finlay Park

-the Convention Center area


-First Citizen's site

I know thats alot to ask, so dont feel obligated or anything.

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