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My Trip to Athens, OH


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It was Sunday morning and school is not in session. There were a few people around, but it wasn't busy like it is when school is on.

As for the rundown part, do you mean the business district or the housing? The housing is student rental run by unscrupulous landlords, which helps explain its condition.

Also, keep in mind that this is Appalachia, after all!

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Thanks...hopefully next time I can get more of campus. I just skirted through about 5% with this tour. And hopefully the damn sun will be out.

So much has changed. But anyone who is 30 probably feels the same way when they visit their alma mater.

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I assume that Ohio state is large university? I look forward to anything else that you post of the area.

NOOOOOO...not Ohio State! That's in Columbus! :D

Ohio University is reasonably large--22,000 students or so in Athens and a few thousand more at branch campuses in Zanesville, Lancaster, Chillicothe, Ironton and St. Clairsville.

It is also the first land-grant college west of the Alleghenies (1804).


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