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Anybody have The Gulch?


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Anyone have pics of The Gulch? It's a live/work/play kinda place downtown with a cool artsy vibe. I'm not from Nashville, but I visit at least once a year and I love it. I saw The Gulch website, but it didn't have much as far as pics -- when it comes to new urban developments (and with churches, oddly enough), I've found that the website can be a lot more impressive than the actual community. Anyway, we'll be there in October and I can't wait to see what's changed in Nash Vegas.

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Hey emerging,

Don't expect too much from the Gulch right now, but it shouldn't be too much longer before some real changes start to happen. Right now, work is continuing on infrastructure improvements such as street modifications, new sidewalks, drainage and underground utilities. A new office is building will get underway soon and sometime before the end of the year construction should start (hopefully) on a $93 million retail component. I don't have any details yet, but I have some pictures filed away somewhere. I'll try to post those as soon as I can, probably this weekend. If there's any more info you need about what's going on around here, I might be able to help.

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You should burn discs of your pics before you delete them, Justin (but you know that). I spent some time the other night looking through lots of old photos I'd taken over the years. Some involved the building of the Bicentennial Mall, the Coliseum, highway projects, etc. I urge you to do that. Ten years, twenty years from now, those old photos will amaze you.

Not chronicling the past makes the future less interesting.

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emerging...I went downtown this morning (8-21) and snapped a few shots for you. I'm including a couple of renderings because I think it helps to visualize what's happening down there.

For the first time, I really got a sense of what to expect. With the re-routing of 11th Avenue to calm traffic, open more space for building construction and a gentler curve for pedestrian orientation, I really felt the vibe that's surely coming online in the not too distant future. The Phase One infrastructure inprovements are coming along (underground utilities...gotta love that). I walked the new roadway and was able to sense the upcoming views and street scenes like I never had before. I felt a surge of excitement as things began to become clearer. I have photos to give an orientation to the CDB. The large gothic structure in the background of the roadbed is the Union Station hotel. The large warehouse to the right is an urban/artsy office/retail structure next to Frist Arts Center. The up elevations to the west find the Music Row area, the Roundabout Entertainment District, lots of new urban housing. In between the MR area and the Gulch is an announced $100 million project with residentia/office/retail components (no details yet). Nevertheless, this entire western section of the downtown area is in transformation. It's an easy walk to the center of the city. This will give a hint of what's to come. Retail hasn't been announced yet, but with a $93 million retail component surrounded by 1500 or so urban residential units (at a major loop intesection)...I have a feeling this is going to be good.

Here's what's happening so far. Imagination requested.







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One more thing. The bridge in the background of a couple of the photos is the Demonbreun Street viaduct. It's currently closed. State engineers feared it could collapse because of its age and state of deterioration.

A new bridge is currently in the planning stages. We've been promised a dramatic gateway design to overlook the Gulch development. This will be a couple of years away, but something to truly look forward to.

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Totally off topic, but Brian here's something you might find interesting.

First look at my mantle shows nothing really interesting ... just a mantle and a bunch of things sitting on it.


But, upon closer inspection.....


One never knows where one might find art (and gratitude). In my college days and for a while afterward, I drove nothing but VWs. A '66 Fastback, a '67 Beetle, and a mid-70s Rabbit. What you see is a reminder of how it feels to flip a VW three times and live to tell about it. Something spiritual about that wouldn't ya say?

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