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Honolulu workers average $17.81 an hour

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Honolulu (Oahu) workers average $17.81 an hour

About half of workers on O'ahu held white-collar jobs and earned more than $4 per hour above blue-collar workers' wages, according to a federal survey.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported yesterday that white-collar workers on O'ahu accounted for 52 percent of the work force and earned an average of $21.74 per hour during January 2004, when the survey was conducted.

Blue-collar workers earned an average of $16.46 per hour and represented 18 percent of the work force.

The remaining 30 percent worked in service occupations and earned an average of $11.21 per hour.

The average wage for all workers was $17.81 per hour.

The National Compensation Survey conducted by the bureau, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, compiled figures for straight-time earnings at businesses employing 50 or more workers in private industry, and for state and local governments.

The survey excludes agricultural businesses, private households, the self-employed, and federal workers.

It covered 246 firms representing 190,400 workers on O'ahu. Most were in private industry.

According to the survey, college and university professors were among the highest paid at $55.99 per hour.

The lowest paid were waiters and waitresses at $6.30 per hour, not counting tips.

The study also showed unionized workers in blue-collar jobs averaged $18.97 per hour, while their nonunion counterparts made $13.24.

Among the white-collar workers, financial managers averaged $37.80 an hour while registered nurses earned $31.28, hotel clerks $15.33 and cashiers $9.80.

In the blue-collar category, construction laborers earned $20.49 per hour and truck drivers $14.36.

In the service occupations, nursing aides and orderlies averaged $12.90 an hour, kitchen workers $10.46 per hour, and baggage porters and bellhops $6.84, not counting tips.

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hehe if only the cost of living were added that would probably make $17 look like minimum wage haha j/k its not that bad out here ;)

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