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Detroit from Above

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Now that I'm back from my vacation, here are some new Detroit photos. I went with a friend on a Preservation Wayne tour, which allowed us to get access to the roof of the Penobscot Building, the third tallest building in the city. I should add that unfortunately it was hazy that day, so the photos aren't the best.

First a pic of the Penobscot from street level


Looking downriver, toward the Ambassador Bridge


Comerica Park




The Statler Hotel awaits demolition


Looking towards Midtown. The Fisher Building can be seen in the New Center Area.


From up here it's real easy to see the First National Building's odd shape


Cadillac Tower


Comerica Tower



My favorite building, the Guardian Building


Buhl Building


150 West Jefferson


Ponchartrain Hotel


Looking across the river to Windsor, Ontario



Renaissance Center


Looking East. The island in the middle of the river is Belle Isle, Detroit's island park




Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Headquaters


Part II

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Thanks guys! :)

I plan to take photos from the building at night as well, so look for those in late September.

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From the PW site....

Skyscraper Tour Offered on Tuesdays: May 11, June 15, July 20, August 24, September 28

Preservation Wayne offers a guided walking tour of the "Skyscrapers of Downtown Detroit" on select Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. Visit several early skyscrapers as well as more recent additions to Detroit 's skyline. You'll learn the history of these buildings as you gaze at granite and marvel at marble in magnificent lobbies. The highlight is a visit to the observation deck of the Penobscot Building for an incredible view. / Meet before 5:30 in the lobby of the Ponchartrain Hotel (at 2 Washington Blvd. ). More information is available at (313) 577-7674.

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Man Allan, the night tour is amazing. I went on the last tour last year and the sun was just going down as we got to the top. It was gorgeous and to see the city all lit up was incredible. Maybe we'll run into each other on one of these tours this year.

Great photos, by the way. I am looking forward to going on this tour with my new-er camera.

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I will try really hard to be on the September tour. I get out of class at 4:50 that day, so I think I'll be able to make it. I'll be cutting it pretty close though, since they are closing the Lodge for construction, turning my 15 minute drive downtown into a 30 minute one.

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