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Major new Springfield development


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Man, my internet goes down for 24 hours, then when it comes up I find out about this. This is what many have been waiting to see in Springfield for a number of years. First the Walgreens annoucement and now this. Springfield is really starting to turn the corner and completely shed its long time image as one of the worst neighborhoods in Jax.

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Developer plans 8th and Pearl project

Ann Luce

A local developer has received planning approval from the Historic Preservation Commission for an $8 million mixed-use project at 8th Avenue and Pearl Street.

Craig Van Horn of Symbiosis Investments will be demolishing two strip centers along Pearl Street to make way for 80,000 square feet of condominiums and retail space.

"Now that the concept is approved, we are designing the interiors," Van Horn said. He hasn't decided how many residential units there will be or what kind of retail will occupy the space, though he is hoping one of the tenants will be a Starbucks. He also hopes to land an unidentified big-chain restaurant for some of the space. In addition, each building will have a rooftop garden, a first in the Springfield area, he said.

"People want urban living," he said. "This will be a unique feature of this project."

The development will be on the southeast, northeast and northwest corners of 8th Avenue and Pearl Street. He anticipates demolishing the existing buildings by October and starting construction shortly after the Super Bowl in 2005. It will take a year to complete the project.

Van Horn still has to go through the permitting process with the city, but does not expect any problems getting its approval.

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Money For Main Street

From First Coast News websute:

By Melissa Ross

First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE -- Springfield activists say they're "very excited" that money finally appears to be in the pipeline to help finish the long-delayed Main Street project.

"We visited City Council so often I think they approved it just to get rid of us," said Louise DeSpain of the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council. "We're thrilled."

The funding is part of the $856 million budget approved by the Council Tuesday. The budget allows the appropriation of funds this fall, that will enable the city to issue bonds to cover part of the cost of sprucing up blocks 8 through 12 of Main Street. $4.5 million would be allocated, according to a city spokesman.

The first four blocks of Main Street have been handsomely renovated, with brick pavers, a landscaped median, and other improvements. But beginning at Main and 4th, the thoroughfare's appearance deteriorates. The beautification project has been stalled for about nine months, due to lack of funding.

And even though city funds now appear to be forthcoming, DeSpain cautions matching state and federal monies are still needed to beautify Main Street all the way up to 12th Street. "We don't expect those to come through until next year," she said.

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