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Columbia Adam's Mark Becomes Marriott

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I mentioned this a couple of days ago in another post, but the WIS news just reported it so I thought I'd make a fresh thread.

The downtown Columbia Adam's Mark is becoming a Marriot -- that's actually what it originally was. They're remodeling the lobby, rooms and reroofing it.

I've also heard that they're considering putting in a Ruth's Chris Steak House... Mmmmmmmmm.


Here's the story...

Columbia Adam's Mark Hotel to become Marriott

(Columbia) Aug. 3, 2004 - A prominent fixture of downtown Columbia is about to undergo a name change. At a press conference Tuesday morning the new owners of the Adam's Mark Hotel announced it will become a Marriott.

Warren Fields is the principal investor of the hotel's ownership group, a Boston company known as Pyramid Advisors.

Fields says the Marriott moniker will attract nationwide attention and more respect, which in turn will benefit Columbia's push to promote tourism and convention activity, "Marriott is the preeminent brand, and ... the hotel really warranted something that ... could draw individuals not only from the community, but from outside the community, because we want to continue what the city is doing to make Columbia a more regional city."

Pyramid Advisors are planning a $10 million stem-to-stern makeover, including a new roof, remodeled rooms and a new layout for the lobby. He say there will be no jobs lost in the transition.

Fields says, even though the hotel was a Marriott originally, the new name change is a nod to the future, not the past.

The "re-flagging" is expected to be completed by March of 2005.

reporting by Scott Hawkins

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I had heard about this- I thought it had already happened? Oh well- Thats the Second building to get a new logo on the side- I wonder if SouthTrust will get a new one since Wachovia bought it?

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Good point! I bet it will. You know how I was complaing about the look of SouthTrust? I think my major problem with it is that big glass lobby that sticks out on the ground floor. I think it's '80s and crappy. It always reminded me of those little sunroom areas that they were adding to old-school Wendy's back then! :) Maybe they'll change that.

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