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Nice pics. Style's right...there is density...but we've got to work on filling those surface lots with buildings. I am confident that this will happen soon though. There is quite a bit of activity going on around there now. Especially in midtown. The progress is seemingly slow, but if you look and see what the city was like 10 years ago, & then see all the new construction, renovations, and restorations that have taken place or are taking place, you'll be able to see how much the city has improved.

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Nice pics, Detroit has some great historic buildings contrasting with sleek modern towers...very cool!

As much as I like historic architecture, I think Detroit needs more modern towers. The Ren Cen is really one of only a handful of "modern" towers. Detroit actually has the largest collection of historic buildings outside of New York City :). Unfortuately many of them were demolished in the name of progress, or to get rid of the blight. Of course, now there are many, many parking lots & grassy fields - not so much in the financial district, but elsewhere downtown. One demolition that I wish didn't occur was that of the JL Hudson Building. It was home to Hudson's department store until 1982. It could've been renovated into lofts. The building was structurally sound, and it wouldn't have taken that much work. But instead the city decided to demolish it. They then proceeded to build yet another parking structure (although this one is underground), and today the site sits vacant. There is a building proposed for the block, but it's been proposed for like 5 years now. Why can't someone just come build the building already?!

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