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Pittsburgh becomes Economic Capital of World


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Pittsburgh has just become the new HQed for American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Literature and the Journal of Economic Perspectives, THE MOST PRESTEGIOUS 3 Economic Journals in the world. Read by business leaders, academics and politicians Pittsburgh will be the source for all of their informational persuits. Pittsburgh won out vs. Stanford, Princeton and Vanderbilt because of its TECHNOLOGICAL SUPERIORITY!


Drucilla Ekwurzel, associate editor of the Journal of Economic Literature based in Pittsburgh, said local office personnel had, over the years, been assuming the responsibilities for coordinating the AEA's Web page, placing text of the three journals online and coordinating a database of references and abstracts of 800 economic journals and 2,000 books online.

"We're the most computer savvy," Ms. Ekwurzel said


Paul Hettler, assistant professor of economics at Duquesne University, said the move brings a certain cachet to the city.

"They are the most esteemed publications within our discipline," Mr. Hettler said. "From the perspective of an economist, this is a cool coup for Pittsburgh. Now whenever anyone deals with the publications, they have to call Pittsburgh."

University of Pittsburgh professor emeritus Jerry Wells agrees.

"For anybody in the profession, these three journals are the ones you want to keep track of," he said.

In addition to the recognition, it also provides an economic boost bringing more jobs here, more tax revenue and a larger office space lease, Ms. Ekwurzel said.

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