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Oslo was today Europe's warmest capital. Not very typical. It was 31.5 celcius (88.7 fahrenheit) deegrees here today.


Perfect temperature to enjoy one of oslo's many beaches.




Possibly not everyone's impression of Norway? ;)

Of course. Not everyone was having fun. I was at a meeting!!

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The water was 72 fahrenheit that day. I checked it out. I don't think it's that cold.

Days in the high 70's and 80's are not rare here in the summer. And, yes, the gulf-stream IS the reason why ... people can live here at all.

And what is fire island most known for? BAD WEATHER? It was terrible weather when I was there. UGH.

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Ok. It was extremely difficult finding pictures of downtown oslo on the internet. They all just show the boring tourist places. But here are a few anyway...


Nationaltheateret train station is the glass thing to the right. The white building to the left is .. a building. The yucky concrete part at the bottom just conscist of shops.

I like the guy to the left. He dresses like I do. Except the ugly shoes.


And HERE you can see a street in the outside part of oslo. Small is the keyword.


a cinema. That sculpture all randomly placed is typical oslo.


In the areas behind the royal castle, you will find many fancy houses, like this one.


Scandinavian Radisson (Oslo Plaza Hotel) - Scandinavia's largest hotel, and Norway's tallest building



On the one side of the city hall


River running through former industrial area - akerselva at night


Parliament at night


Famous Norwegian author, Henrik Ibsen, once descirbed Oslo as the "tiger city". Therefore this tiger is places at one of the squares next to oslo central station


Often more people at night than at day time - Oslo's main street Karl Johan is supposed to be very nice at night. All lit up. But. Uhm. Well, we all have our opinions. I think it's crowded, and not very impressive.


Aker brygge (aker harbour) at night


Frognerparken. A gigantic park suited in western oslo.


Another pic from frognerparken


Brown building (postgirobygget - almost as tall as radisson) and Byporten Shopping. Both sutied by Radisson SAS plaza


Nobel peace prize winner Jimmy Carter waves from Grand Hotel


dusk across oslo


Oslo airport gardermoen - gray and wooden it symbolises modern norwegian architecture


overlooking harbour from akerhus fortress

...and that's a rap for this time, folks :)

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Was there two years ago, but i didn't manage to view Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel from the topp floor. Some security guards stopped me... :unsure:


Those pesky security guards. It seems like they always try to give me a hard time for taking photos. Ever since 9/11 if you are taking photos of a building, then you must be a terrorist. :rolleyes:

I did manage to get to the top of the Book Tower here in Detroit. I just pretended like I knew where I was going and walked right past the security guards. I went into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor, got off, and had a look around. It's too bad my camera batteries were dead. :(

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Oslo is quite a beautiful city, and especally Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel...:) Was there two years ago, but i didn't manage to view Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel from the topp floor. Some security guards stopped me... :unsure:


HMMM. You don't know the secret passage! hehehe! :D

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