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Design for Columbia Canalfront Area


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Lots of people on UP are into skyscrapers, which is cool. I am really into public space and "placemaking." Hence... I sketched this out and sent it to the Columbia Development Corporation. I doubt they'll do anything with it. I just thought it was a neat idea and that I'd share with some other folks that have an interest in downtown Columbia.

The concept is a small-scale urban pavilion located at the former Kline Iron & Steel facility. It incorporates the industrial look of the area (with a modern spin) and has plenty of whimsy to make it fun and mirror the design of the adjacent EdVenture children's museum.

It would serve as a multi-purpose public gathering space in a (soon to be) vibrant, pedestrian-friendly part of the city. Featuring easily adaptable communal space, free public wi-fi internet access, space to showcase local artists, light vendor space, public rest rooms and other things I can't think of right now. :)

While the drawing isn't professional quality (I am not an artist and it's also not the best scan in the world), I think you can see how something like this would go a long way towards creating a real sense of place in the Canalfront/Huger-to-River area.


Oh! And for more on placemaking and quality public space development, visit The Project for Public Space.

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Thanks Spartan. I just think it'd be really cool -- especially right there at the Kline facility. In fact, they could just flip my design around and use the shell of the old building that's on the site. It'd be a perfect fit and it's something that is really needed down there if you ask me.

Added a larger version.

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We really are on the verge, Sandlapper. It's an exciting time to live here.

As for the Huger-to-River area, CDC has some big plans -- I hope they'll include something like this. I've been asking how they're going to make Huger more pedistrian-friendly. As it is right now, it's pretty intimidating. Once the Kline site (and eventually the Bus Barn) is redeveloped, it really could open it up.

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They might want to invest in some sort of pedestrian bridge or tunnel to get accross Huger.

There are alot of psychologocal factors involved with Huger St. First of all, people don't like to cross large roads (Huger is 6 lanes there). For some reason pedestrians don't like to cross bridges, and I suspect tunnels are the same.

So maybe not then? I guess if there is a reason to go over there people will just go.

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