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My feelings 2.0


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OKAY. I'm sick and tired of certain people in this country making me feel uncomfortable in my own country. Why should I back down and move to Canada just because of a few idiots here? Okay, so its a few million idiots. But still... I'm only 22, and the only time I've actually cared about politics has been since the year 2000. I've yet to really live as an adult underneath the other side of America.. The brighter side.

When Clinton was president, I didn't care about politics so much. All I cared about was being a teen. Now studying his presidency I admire him greatly after the fact.

My feeling now? I need to stay. Screw Canada. (not in a bad way, I still LOVE them up there, hehe) What do you guys think. ;)

I need to quit feeling like the grass is greener on the other side, even if it may be true to an extent.

We can have universal health insurance here. It will just take some time.

We have some really kick ass cities here. And yes monsoon, I do love Chicago. :P

Americans have cute accents. From the nasaly Chicago area to the ... well actually I don't like mountain hick southern accents. LOL

Now that I've finished my degree, I need to find a job in Chicago or somewhere actually nice in my own country. Rural TN has perverted my senses as to what American really means. I need to step into reality - and quit whining about it. Instead of whining, I need to take action. Any Republican wanna get their behind kicked? :lol:

ANYWAY. Talk amongst yourselves. I need to go get some cauwfee from Stahbucks.

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I think we ALL need to make "my feelings" threads from time to time. grouphug.gif

Heckles, what can I say here - I disagree with some of your beliefs stated in that other thread (ex. marijuana), but I can understand your worries about the risks of private health care, future Iraq-style policies, etc., and I think you're making a good choice by deciding that the best way (for the most part) to fix things is to work at it from within. You're welcome to come to Canada at any time - it took me 5 years to get my recent citizenship though, hopefully it'll be around the shorter 3 year period for you - and IMO a lot of fellow Canadians who think that their nation is genetically superior to the US do need a reality check. We complain about their system of government being less democratic than ours, yet at least they'll be voting for candidates at different levels, not a single party, come November. We claim that Bush is corrupt, yet there's no equivalent to the sponsorship scandal in the US that I know of. We blame corporate America for all of life's problems, yet turn a blind eye to Canada's corporate fraud case (Nortel).

And sorry, but taking a "kicking Republicans' asses" attitude towards politics contributes to the same partisan bickering that has deteoriated, not benefitted, America's political system.

In any case, feel free to let your mind wander and adopt new philosophies when you see them. ;)

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I'm glad you've seen the light heckles.

America needs more good intelligent people, and I definitely consider you one.

I'd say that you should stay in tennessee and make a fuss, but a change in scenary is always nice. Maybe you'll come back one day and decide that there's no place like home and realize that they need you more than you need them.

America isn't just about politics, America is an ideology, a work in progess. To give up on the country is to give up it's ideals. Just because those ideals don't seem to be in place now, doesn't mean we should stop working towards them.

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heckles... bravo on your political rant... I loved it -- plus you only have been an 'official' American voter for about four years...many more to come.

I think that your frustration and anger at American politics is completely justified. I just saw a VH1, The Fabulous Life: Bush vs. Kerry Bling-off. Did you know that these two are related!! The two of them are over the top wealthy and what makes them think that they can speak and develop sound policies for the rest of the country.

The political system here is broken - i would argue - and the two party system is not reaching all Americans anymore.

But.. I feel it is still important to participate as a voter - even if you are frustrated with the system... we need to get this president *out* of office... he is endangering our national security.

Also -- living in urban city will frustrate you less - if you are looking for the liberal, open-minded ideologies that Canada espouses to have... come to Chi-town ;);)

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