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USC Baseball Stadium Proposal


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I think this plan sounds nice! However it would suck if the Bombers left town, hopefully they will come to a meaningful descision.

USC plan excludes Bombers

University proposes to build stadium, amphitheater, seeks city tax dollars


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USC has offered to finance a new $12 million baseball stadium and amphitheater that excludes the Capital City Bombers, provided the city of Columbia commits $300,000 a year in hospitality tax revenue.

University officials said the Bombers would have to pay $6.4 million up front or $583,000 a year to support another option, a $15 million city-financed joint-use stadium. The Bombers had offered only the cost of renting a stadium

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That explains what Kevin Cohen was talking about today. He had a caller mention something about letting Lexington step up so the stadium could go in that County. (I had to go to Cola today- obviously). The caller also mentioned something about merging the city with the county (Lexington). I didnt hear the whole thing, so I wasnt real sure what it was about... something about more control, less division (which is kind of a given)

The amphitheater idea is great! Outdoor concerts are really cool... I'm just glad to hear that they are still working on it.

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