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Gee, I walk into my local newsagency in Sydney and there are literally about 20 architectural mags to choose from; ranging form Aussie ones, a couple from New Zealand, U.S. editions as well as the European ones. It's a real quandry as most are great and I can never decide which ones to buy.

Sometimes I purposely avoid going in there, as it's too much for a nice boy like me to handle. lol

As for the 5 major bookstore chains around town, forget it! There are dozens to choose from!!

However, here is the one ert90 means.

A couple of edtions that look really swank:


Double page spreads with lots of text & quality photos which is always a great sign (as opposed to the mulitude of pretty architectural coffee table books):


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No, I don't subsbscribe to Architecture, but because I'm studying to be an architect maybe I should. I used to pick up Architectural Digest in the store, but I haven't in a while, mainly because the bookstore is too far away and I haven't been out that way since May.

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