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Upstate Texas Rail


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Yes, it is called DART - Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Here is the link to the current system map.

http://www.lightrail.com/maps/ dallas/dallasmap2004.gif

Other minor rail systems throughout the metroplex are the McKinney Avenue Trolley, the Trinity Railway Express commuter rail to Fort Worth, and the Los Colinas Peoplemover.

The Tandy Subway in Fort Worth stopped running last year when the Tandy Center headquarters moved out of its original headquarters.

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Doesn't Dallas have a rail system already?

This is good progress... small steps are all it takes.

Dallas has DART, which is doing very well and constantly expanding. The TOD projects are amazing. If you look at the tiny map, the black lines are either current, or approved and funded DART lines. DART would simply be included in this plan and DART member cities would not have to raise their sales tax. This would simply catch the rest of the region up, as well as connecting them. This is the second huge step in unifying the metroplex. The first was creating the NCTCOG, which is pushing this plan.

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