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Your city's buses


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Providence's RIPTA bus system actually covers most of the state. Besides the Providence area buses there are also routes in Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Narragansett, and Newport, and routes connecting all those cities to Providence. At $1.25 a ride, it's quite a deal to reach anywhere in the state. During the summer there are beach buses from Providence to South County. Also during the summer, on Ozone Alert days, all buses in the state (except the beach buses) are free.

Some of our buses however have seen better days. Replacing the fleet is a high priority for RIPTA right now, and doing that without raising fares is a challenge.



In Providence and Newport RIPTA also runs trolley bus routes to area attractions. I think the Newport trolleys may be seasonal, but the Providence ones run year-round. Here in Providence the trolley buses run on 2 cross-town routes. I use the green line frequently to get from my house on Federal Hill to the East Side, I also ride it to work when I don't feel like walking. Best thing about the trolleys, they're only a dollar. :)


RIPTA also has a seasonal high-speed ferry route between Newport and Providence, making the trip in under an hour, which beats the bus by a wide margin during peak summer traffic times.

There is also one GATRA bus route that runs from Attleboro, Massachusetts into Providence. We also have commuter rail from Providence to Boston which is slated to be extended further south into Rhode Island.

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flint has busses?

Yes, not very many, but it does have busses. Or at least it used to...the city probably took away all the funding so that it could actually have a surplus this year. "Flint" and "budget surplus"...when was the last time those 2 words were used in the same sentence? They've only been unable to balance the budget for what...8 years? 10 years? LOL.

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I always loved those Charlotte buses. Every time I visited downtown Charlotte I truly enjoyed looking at them, and the bus stops :) Of course, when I was still single I was more interesting in pedestrian activity (babes), but the buses always attracted my attention. Last time I visited Charlotte, with my wife, we both agreed on how well those buses matched the image of Uptown Charlotte. There is something about their design that makes them look "powerful".

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I like Charlotte's current bus models, the Nova lowfloor... Sadly, I've heard they are going to be changing vendors when they add to the fleet in preparation for the upcoming LRT.

Three NC cities use that trolley-bodied bus in the CBD, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem. I think even the color scheme is the same, just the writing is different.

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Heres a Denver artic travelling under the elevated light rail line undeconstruction along I-25 south of downtown (its the T-REX corridor their building)-its a small pic but since my photo storage site isn't hotlinking this is it:


Albert (Shoowaa)

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