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Chicago Green Drinks


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An informal monthly event for people with an interest in environmental issues.

Open to anyone, attendees have included architects, product, graphic and

interior designers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, students, government

officials (federal, state and local), local environmental organization staff

members, builders, etc.

Green Drinks is a prime networking arena for those looking for information and

connections related to environmental and sustainability issues. Internships have

been initiated, resources located, volunteers recruited, news exchanged, etc.

Networking is enhanced through several means:

* Well-identified hosts at each event help people make connections.

* A central repository for business cards, indicating who is at the current as

well as past events.

* A free networking bulletin email service, sent to Foresight Design

Initiative's 300+ person email list.

* An information table for the display of events, news and brochures of local

non-profit organizations.

* An informative panel discussion with experts from a variety of

sustainability-related fields, held part-way through the evening to spark

conversation and raise awareness.

Serving as a venue for both networking and education, each Green Drinks features

a presentation or panel discussion, meant to provide information and to spur

further discussion. Recent topics have included green architecture,

building-integrated wind power, renewable energy, local green businesses,

implementing corporate eco-efficiency, sustainable design education, and a clean

energy plan for the Midwest.

To effectively engage the audience

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