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Wondering what y'all know about Linux.

I bought an iMac a few months ago and am using it as my primary machine at home. I'm waiting for delivery of my AirPort Express so that I can network the machines together with my cable connection and printer.

I'm thinking of wiping my PC clean and starting from scratch, I have most of my files moved over to my Mac already and will be moving the rest once I have the network up. I have WindowsXP on the PC, and can start over with that, but I'm toying with the idea of switching to Linux. I'll primarily use the PC for storage (music files).

I'm leaning towards SUSE Linux 9.1 as my flavour of Linux. It appears to be the most user friendly from a neophyte non-code writer switching from Windows point of view.

The reasons I'm thinking of switching are, to get out from under the thumb of Bill Gates (hence the Mac), flawed windows security, and to play with somethiing new.

Does anyone have any experience with Linux (SUSE Linux specifically), networking Linux to a Mac, or anything else?

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I have thought about swtiching to a mac for my next computer. A friend of mine recently got one, so i'm going to wait and see if he has any issues with the conversion. As far as linux goes- I've only tried to use RedHat, which I never could get the hang of- it also took a while (like 5-7 mins) to start up. Ive never tried SUSE before, so I hope that workls well for you. My goal is to at somepoint be free from the Bill Gates sydrome as well ;)

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Funny you mention it...I just wiped XP off of a spare laptop I had and installed Suse 9.1 Pro on it...works like a charm!! My USB network device didn't have a driver for linux so I had to switch it out for a PCMCIA network card I had but everything else was recognized correctly. It's really not all THAT different from Windows as far as usability is concerned IMO. They've done a lot to make many keyboard commands the same, you can even type "dir" in the shell and get a directory listing without using the linux version of "ls"

I say go for it! I'd highly recommend Suse 9.1....also Mandrake may be another option but it relies on Redhat and they've changed some policies that make it less of a market contender than Novell/Suse.

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