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Question about Greenville


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I have heard some people on the different forums refer to Greenville as G-vegas. I am new to the area. Where did they come up with this name from?

A guy I used to work with there said it all the time. I think its just a local thing like Spartanburg is known as "Sparkle City", and Columbia is sometimes refered as "The Metro" by locals.

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I've never heard of G-Vegas, but that doesn't mean anything :) What Greenville and Vegas have in common I don't know. However, I have heard of it referred to as "damnit" ;)

Sparkle City is very popular. Supposedly this is derrived from a band that was popular in the 40's called the "Sparke Tones."

I have heard Columbia reffered to as "the Capital City" a few times, Cola, Cola Town, and Colaville.

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On your original question: People have been calling Nashville "Nash Vegas" for years. And Greenville, at least by people here in Columbia, is often called "G'ville"... so I'm thinking someone thought it would be cool to hybridize the two. Too bad it's corny. ;) G'ville is cool though. :)

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