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Toronto construction thumbnail list

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Don't count on it. I've given up on our fair land. ;) The closest resemblance would be Chicago and New York. NY is already built into a league of its own though.

I've just about given up as well. Oh well, I have to live here for at least the next six years...then I get to decide if I want to stay or not. Of course, knowing me, six years will turn into ten, and ten will turn into twenty...and, well, you get the idea.

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What is the first picture on the left, 10th row, of? And how will it be connected??

The rendering was created to advertise the addition of several new floors to the building.

The project is a renovation of a commercial tower, and after selling for a while the developer decided to add a few floors on top - thus a picture of these floors dropping down onto the building.

Sorry, no levitating units. :(

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FYI: This site: http://www.dabrowski.ca:8000/UrbanDB/Lists...nstruction.aspx, is the most accurate, up to date list of current projects in Toronto (excluding skyscrapers.com since we can no longer visit those lists for free).

For the Greater Toronto Area the site lists:

2 projects u/c that are 50 floors or more

3 projects u/c that are 40-49 floors

16 projects u/c that are 30-39 floors

18 projects u/c that are 20-29 floors

and 30 projects u/c that are 10-19 floors

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