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Another one bits the dust


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The old Norwest Theater at the corner of Grand River Ave. & Southfield Road is coming down. They pulled the demo permit today, and are starting tomorrow (August 20). Demolition will take about three weeks. The theater will be replaced by a fast food joint.

Say goodbye to another Detroit landmark. Visit here for pics.

Detroit: One step forward, two steps backward.

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Nope! Even though it has been proven for years that urban renewal does not work, city leaders still want to think that it works. All it takes is one look at the Kern Block downtown to see the problem. It's one of the most prominent sites in the city, and it took 40 years to get Compuware to build their headquarters on it! That in itself is proof that urban renewal does not work. Detroit needs to hire some actual urban planners, who will work to make the city more like a city, and less like a suburb that has pockets of urbanity here and there.

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