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My past votes

1980 - Reagan - won

1984 - Reagan - won

1988 - Dukakis - lost (simply could not vote for the corrupt Bush family)

1992 - Clinton - won

1996 - Clinton - won

2000 - Gore - won popular vote, unknown about electoral vote as Bush family sued to stop counting votes in Florida.

Just out of curiosity, monsoon -- given your votes in the late 80s to the present.... what possessed you to vote Republican in the 80s? Momentary lapse of judgement? ;)

Drug-induced haze?

It is also nice to see that people will be voted for Kerry this coming Nov. Although, I don't really like him too much... anything is better than Bush (what a way to cast a vote -- isn't this how people vote in third world countries??)

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Regan's damn economic policy lives strongly today -- and people notoriously make bad decisions when elected people to office. I feel blessed to have a mother who is a political activist and able to keep me abreast of what really goes on.

Really, though -- how the hell did W. Bush get elected and why oh why do people want to reelect him?!?!?! :o:o:o

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