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KC - Missouri or Kansas?

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Definitely the Missouri side...

KCK is considered the evil twin of the two cities... The best it has to offer is Cabelas, the speedway, Nebraska Furniture Mart and Legends...





You have on the Kansas side,

Overland Park-100,000+

Kansas City (KS)-100,000+

On the Missouri Side

Kansas City (MO)-450,000+


KCK has a higher crime rate than KCMO also... The main reason why our metro is ranked high on the crime rate list...

Whenever people think of Kansas City, they think of KCMO... Whenever people say "I'm going into town" they mean KCMO... Whenever they say "I'm going downtown" they mean downtown KCMO...

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Oh yes...

You have MU Tigers vs. KU Jayhawks...

You have basically just MO vs. KS...

You have Jackson County MO vs Johnson County KS...

You have a bunch of other rivalries I won't mention...

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