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Which Computer OS are you?


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I'm a FreeBSD. Not sure what that means but....

"You are FreeBSD. You're a speed demon and a great networker. You have a tendency to give it away for free. Well-respected, but virtually unknown."

I guess it is true in some respects... not sure about giving it away for free.

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I think that 98 is one of the best OS's. I personally have the crappy XP that is very unreliable. I cant seem to Reformat my hard drive now! Anyone know how Please reply!

You can do this in setup for 98SE, ME, 2K and XP. Else you get yourself a boot disk with DOS on it and do a "FORMAT C:" command. XP IMO is probably the best OS yet from Microsoft...as far as stability goes, security problems are still overwhelming. But it also has ~95% of the OS market for home users so why wouldn't anyone expose the holes? Why bother going after 2% of the market with a Mac when you can go after 95%. If you don't like Microsoft, get a Mac. I recently bought an iBook that I like, but to be quite honest, it's a bit too simplistic for me. Very child like...would be good for Mom. :P

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I've tried to get a Boot Disk and do the format C: command but everytime i do it the error keeps coming up. So if anyone else knows how to reformat for XP please enlighten me. Thanks :angry:

What error do you get? "The error" doesn't cut it in this biz, LOL!

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