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Columbia, SC -- Huger Street Development


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From TheState.com...

Projects may jump-start downtown development

Huger Street land holds key


Business Editor

The Guignard family is moving forward with a new development along Huger Street, one of the first projects on its 94 acres downtown along the Congaree River.

While this project involves only a couple of acres, any development on the Guignard property or by nearby landowners could kick off a wave of development along Huger, a major corridor into Columbia.

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Most of the front page today was devoted to the develpments in downtown. They are saying that the new Publix (which opens wednesday!) is a major part of making a better community for downtown. The city is going to participate less in the direct development of downtown, and try to focus more on private developers.

If that guy who owns that very large parcel of land facing the river develops it correctly, it might aid in helping the Vista's development cross Huger.

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Very cool. Any visuals included in the hardcopy? I just can't bring myself to subscribe to The State, but maybe I should at least take the Sunday edition.

I'm sure it was in the paper... I'm trying to figure out exactly where this Guignard parcel is... I'm gonna map it online real quick...


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I actually looked it up to find the correct spelling of Guignard. :) I always butcher that one too.

On a side note... I spent A LOT of time as a child over in Guignard Park in W. Cola. That was a neat little place back then. I haven't been in years. You could catch crawfish in the creek. Freaky looking things.

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I never could spell. I guess the Guignards still live across from the park. They must

own much of Cayce. I used to live on C Ave and the woods between there and

Knox Abbott were owned and sold by them. There is a rider on the property and

how it was to be developed. Anyone recall this? It was in the paper a ways back.

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