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How many people have been to SC?


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I grew up in Asheville, NC, and have been to all of the above except Hilton Head/Beaufort. I've been to Greenville and Spartanburg more times than I can count. It's bit far so it's a bit of a stretch, but there's definitely some sort of a regional connection between the Asheville and SC Upstate. For one thing, Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg are considered to be the same TV market, and as such all network TV stations are common. I went to Greenville with my parents once or twice a year for shopping, or business, or fun. And my high school's sports teams regularly competed against a couple of teams from Spartanburg, so I'd go down there maybe 6 times a year for that.

Been to Charleston a number of times too, most recently for spring break back in 2001.

Don't remember much about Columbia or Myrtle Beach, that was a long time ago...

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I've been to Columbia when my siter went to USC. I visited Myrtle Beach a couple of times when I was a kid. I could only remember spending a lot of time at the arcade. And I've spent a weekend at Charleston and went on a tour there. It was cool.

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Myrtle Beach YES (too many times)

Charleston YES (future residency)

Hilton Head/ Beaufort YES (least favorite is HHI)

Greenville NO (been to Greenville, NC many times)

Columbia YES (a lot in the past two summers just passing through)

Ive been all around SC in all of the counties east of I-77 and east of I-95. That leaves about 15-17 counties left in SC i havent been to yet.

I have 80/100 counties clinched in NC btw.

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some pockets in NW NC like Mitchell, Yancey, Alleghany

Outer Banks including Dare, Washington, Tyrell, Currituck

all of western NC south of I-40 and along US 74 west of Meck County

To keep track of my county clinching throughout the lower 48, click on this link:


(not updated yet for whatever reason but i got more counties in the capital region of NY, all of the counties along the Taconic Pwy (north of Westchester Co, NY), one county in western Mass and 2 counties in Vermont)

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Ive been to and through SC on a number of times. The most recent is wheen I drove to SC all the way from Greensboro just to play the power ball. I usually drive to Danville, Virgina because Virginia is only about a 30 minute drive from Greensboro. But I go down to SC when the powerball gets really big. Most of the time Im driving through SC if Im going to Atlanta of Florida. But there are a few cases where I go to visit cities in SC. The last city I visted was Charleston and I really like that city. The people there are so friendly and they wil invite strangers into their homes for meals. I was walking down one of the streets in the historic district and one woman invited me into her home for lunch. :P I just thought it was amazing the find that there are still people like that.

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Myrtle Beach every May.The metropolis of Anderson,just south of Greenville every Christmas & Thanksgiving and thru the all the towns on the way,between Jax and there.I bypass Charleston,but would like to check it out.Maybe on the way to Bike Week at Myrtle next year.

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