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USC's position on Stadium

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USC has sought, still wants baseball deal

By Andrew A. Sorensen, guest columnist

In the more than two years that I have been president of the University of South Carolina, we have spent a huge amount of time, at the behest of local leaders and others, exploring the options of a possible joint-use stadium for USC baseball and the Capital City Bombers. During the past year we have developed four different proposals for consideration.

Two of the plans would see the Bombers and the Gamecocks share a new stadium with participation by the city of Columbia. A third plan, recently requested from us by the city, does not include the Bombers, but explores a stadium/amphitheater facility instead. Each of these plans requires financial support from the city.

The fourth plan that we have considered for some time involves the possible renovation of USC

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Leave it to The State to piss off Sorensen. :) I really do hope they can work something out, but I just don't see it as any big loss if the Bombers move on. In a way, it sucks because it seems like the city would be missing out on something... but it's a crappy single-A team anyway. USC baseball is what everybody wants to see and Sarge Frye just isn't accessible enough to attract the kind of crowds that the Gamecocks could!

Just a little editorial by me.

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