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CTA looking for your story

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This just came out in the Chicago Tribune... If you do have any stories -- post them here also.


CTA wants to hear from you!

Commuters, send your tales of rage

Published August 22, 2004

Is there something from your daily bus, train or "L" ride that sets your teeth on edge? Transportation is looking for you.

We all have heard the litany of complaints against cell-phone users, but how about the people who dine on the train, the grumpy 50-something who hates everything or the crazy who recites every detail of his life? Have you had a bus or train experience that sent you back to the solitude of your car despite the price of gas and typically longer commuting times?

Tell us about your pet peeves--as briefly as possible--and include your name, hometown and a way to contact you.

Send the tales to [email protected] or write Commuter follies, Transportation section,

435 N. Michigan Ave.

4th Floor

Chicago, IL 60611

for consideration for a future story.


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