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Worst architectural mistake ever!!


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Wow! I can't believe they did that. Imagine the kids trying to play basketball in the driveway...the ball would just keep rolling into the street. Talk about bad design! I'll be emailing this link to some of my architecture friends.

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I'm soooooo stealing that to use in my sig on another forum, and there is nothing you can do about! :lol::lol:


Steal away! I'm a newly converted Democrat thanks to monsoon and his relentless hammering on Bush & Co. I come from the undecided party! :rolleyes:

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That is so hilarious, I just can't picture driving a car up that. I happen to live in a slightly hilly neighborhood where the driveways are short and steep. Slightly longer than those, but our houses sure aren't at that high up! In fact, one of the driveways in my neighborhood didn't pass inspection, and had to be redone. But it was hardly as steep as those. And it's not the steepness that is just bad, it looks horrible aesthetically. Kind of dorky. People would just laugh at how stupid the driveway looks in relation to the house. I'm suprised they didn't try to compensate by elevating the sidewalk and ramping the driveway section closest to the street. But then again, they probably can't do that since the sidewalk and buffer are usually owned by the city who don't want developers to pull that crap on them.

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Not only am I tickled by how retarded this is, but also shock and appalled. If I have kids, I would not want them to play in the garage at all. If I pull up, I would not be able to see past the hood of my car. In case of stuff in the garage, if a bike is on the floor it would get run over. Much worse getting your back bumper wreckd into the street. Sell your car and get a monster truck for this type of chance-taking.

The street level with the sidewalks should have been raised before getting paved. I bet the architects who half-did the driveway by pouring concrete on something so steep. Rest o fthe time just sat on their ass rather than care about safety to make an S-curve instead. At least build a two story house with the garage in the trench!

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