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South Carolina Annexation


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Having spoken about annexation laws in the past, this will give you a clear view of how bizzare SC's annexation laws are. (I think in NC all you have to do is pass an ordinance)

-Annexation Laws-

1. An individual property owner may petition the city for annexation of a specific parcel(s) as long as the property is contiguous (touches) the existing city limits line.

2. Where multiple property owners desire to annex a larger area, a petition may be made by 75% of the individual property owners having title to 75% of the total assessed value of all the property in the designated annexation area.

3. Also in larger areas, at least 25 percent of the qualified electors in the area desiring to be annexed can petition the city council to call for an election within the area proposed to be annexed.

-So essentially you have to ask to be annexed.

-People are essentially forced into agreeing to ask to be annexed by having restrictions on the water system (you don't get water if you refuse to be annexed). So what it comes to is cities with larger water systems can expand faster (i fyou want to call it fast).

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The longer you are here, the more often you will notice that this particular subject comes up in a great deal of threads. It is the cause for alot of grief :)

There is currently legislation to allow annexation after a certain density is reached, which is similar to NC's laws.

Here is the link to the legislation.

You can view other legislation related to annexation and incorporation here: http://www.masc.sc/legislative/bills.htm

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I was on columbiasc.net and lookin through the zoning and annexation...There are ALOT of parcels being annexed by columbia city limits but i guess not larger areas of land like other cities.


Didn't spot any information on annexations up Two Notch Road did you?

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