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Mixed use in Spartanburg


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Live-work neighborhood may have found El Dorado

By Teresa Killian | Staff Writer

A new-to-Spartanburg "live-work" neighborhood may be in store for the wooded land behind where the El Dorado motel once stood.[edit by Spartan: the El Dorado was a roach motel- everyone was glad to see it go]

The selling point would be efficiency -- cutting down commute time and saving money through consolidating the expenses of housing and a small business with a few employees. Limited parking would mean the kinds of businesses allowed would bring minimal traffic.

In a way, it's very similar to what's happening downtown in a lot of old store buildings upstairs renovated into apartments."

Only it's different from downtown -- a little farther from busy streets and restaurants. [edit by Spartan: Its acutally alot closer to the busiest streets and restaurants in Spartanburg]

The site under consideration is behind the business-zoned property where the motel once stood.

The residents would be close to downtown and shopping at nearby Dorman Centre and WestGate Mall.

Edited from this article in the Herald Journal:


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