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Bellows Falls, Vermont

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I actualy used to live in Bellows fall for a year back in 2003 and the population then was between 4000-5000. I loved living there except for one thing there was no grocery store and the nearest was 15 miles away. Unfortunatly when you don't have a car it is hard to to get to the store. So if you want to live there go for it, it is a great place to live just make sure you have a car lol. I love Vermont and all of New England and I do plan on moving back soon. I just wish there were more pics and or vids of the Bellows Falls area on the net as I lost all my clips and pics that were on my computer to a virus. I really miss the place, visiting there is nice but you really learn to love the place when you have lived there. :)

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Hey thanks for the welcome it is much apprciated. How long have you been back in Bellows Falls? I live in California, I was actualy born here and felt like I never belonged here. I met my fiance and we lived here in cali for a year then we moved to Bellows Falls and that was when I really felt like I belonged I felt that way in every part of New England. People are so much nicer there then they are here. I miss a few things really bad such as, the snow, Athens Pizza, and the awesome fireworks they have. And I almost forgot Cabot Cheese and Vermont Maple Syrup and the Dari Joy (yummy). I should be moving back in like 6-7 months, I am really looking forward to it.

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Well I've pretty much lived here my entire life. I was born in Brattleboro and raised here in BF, and then when I was 18 I moved to nearby Springfield. I came back when I was 19, and I'll be 25 next month. Athens pizza is the best! When I lived in Springfield I would always go to BF just for Athens. Dari Joy's pretty good, but I haven't had it in a long time. Maybe I should... Did you ever go to Joy Wah, that chinese restaurant on route 5 on the way to Springfield? The fireworks have got to be the best around, because people from all over come to see them. I love it! It's just a great atmosphere, and a great place to raise your kids.

It's great to finally be able to talk about BF with someone who's been here.

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Not too far... Maybe an hour.


I missed this thread when you posted it last August. I have to say it is quite beautiful there and kind of reminds me of a few of the towns I've seen in the mountains here. I've never been to Vermont, (I was in NH once) so it was a nice tour. I wish there were a few more photos to see. The Indian carvings were also especially interesting. Its rare to see anything such as that as the europeans were very good at eliminating Indian anything when they came to North America.

I gather Bellows Falls has had a 50% population loss during its recent history. Any ideas as to why this might be?

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Well the village was built on industry, as much of the northeast was. Obviously, industry isn't much of a draw anymore and people have moved elsewhere to find greater opportunities. Taxes are another thing. They are wretched in Vermont. Also home appreciation is creating a problem. People move away and often times nobody moves in to replace them due to its unaffordability.

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