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Churchwell Lofts at East Bay


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The project has secured funding and is working on getting enough sales to start construction. 7 units per floor ranging from 840 s.f. to 1550 s.f., including 5 penthouse units with Florida rooms. Prices starting at around $250,000. The developer is planning to have concierge service, valet service and several other amenities. Contact number for those interested is (904) 356-5723.

I should have a rendering I can post in the next few days.

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This is another project that is what the area needs, Lives Downtown.... do you know if there will be retail/ restaurant space on the ground floor. And would also like to see the rendering. Well, for a while there it seemed that Eclate was going to be all alone, but it seems that it has begun... The renovation of the Suddath building looks pretty good and have called Georgia Suddath a couple of times to find out what the office rents are like. but no return calls.... keep trying....


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I've heard for a while that they were struggling to make the payments. The partners are classmates of one of my co-workers. I've also visited before, only to see that the place was pretty much empty, outside of our party, the band, and a head or two. Its a real shame, because its a nice spot and nightlife atmosphere that's very unique to the Jax area, although its common in most other large cities.

Unfortunately, I feel that Eclate may have opened too early, along Bay Street and that it may be already gone, before the Super Bowl arrives. As it is, nightclubs and bars are already risky business ventures and being one of a few jazz clubs in the region, as well as the only one along Bay Street, plus being surrounded by heavy construction isn't doing it any favors.

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