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Detroit: August 27, 2004 (Part 2 of 2)


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Contined from Part 1....

Cadillac Place is so large that I couldn't fit it all in the viewfinder! It was the world's largest office building when it was built.






The Fisher Building from the entrance to Cadillac Place



This is one of my favorite pics of the set, although I'm not sure exactly why!


The Milwaukee Avenue side of Cadillac Place


The Albert Kahn Building


The Argonaut Building



Next, I drove down Woodward, and through downtown on my way to Belle Isle, Detroit's island park. On Belle Isle, we get a view like this:


The bridge to the island (Douglas Macarthur Bridge)


Since the sun was setting, I decided I'd go shoot some photos of downtown for a half hour or so. I parked in front of the Compuware building, and as I was taking this pic, some people from school saw me and invited me to an overpriced dinner at HRC.


After dinner, the Penobscot Building was all lit up. This didn't turn out too well, so I guess I will try to take another pic some other time.


I hope you enjoyed!

Part 1

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Actually, I don't think there was ever much thought of tearing it down. GM would've rather sold it to someone instead of paying to demolish it. It would've cost probably $7+ Million to demolish it. Besides, it wouldn't look very good for the corporate image if they just let it sit there and rot while they moved into their shiney newer headquarters downtown. GM has also paid to properly mothball the Argonaut building, and that isn't cheap either - I think I read a while back that it costs GM $250,000 per month to mothball the building.

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