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Public Skyscraper Dining returns this September


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From the Charlotte Observer:

Former LaVecchia's manager Jim Emad opens his new bar and restaurant next month in the Charlotte Plaza building's old Tower Club, it will give the public its first tower-top view since the 30th Edition went out of business in 1998.

It's called Bentley's Restaurant On 27, and a private "Hard Hat" party is set for Sept. 9, Emad's wife, Kay, said.

The restaurant, which will specialize in French-American cuisine, will open to the public later in September. It's got three fireplaces, window-side seating and will feature a live piano player on weekends

Taking up two-thirds of the building's top floor, it offers a 270-degree panoramic view of the Charlotte skyline from Trade Street to College Street.

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I'm sure it will not be cheap.

Yeah, my bets were on you saying that, LOL! In Chicago they have a restaurant in the John Hancock near the top that is expensive during peak times, but they serve an all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch for only like $8. Would love something like that in Charlotte! Heck, I'd like to have an observation deck somewhere in Charlotte...

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