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New condo project for Riverside?


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I found this news brief in the "Pipeline" section of today's Times-Union business edition:

"Informal concurrency review for Goodwin Condos, Herschel Street between Goodwin and Margaret streets, 0.34 acre, 20 condos, $6 million; agent is Abbey Civil Engineers Inc., Neptune Beach; owner is BB Riverside Development LLC, Jacksonville Beach. (No. 6696)"

This site is basically right across the street from Riverside Market Square (Publix), on the NE corner of Herschel & Goodwin.

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It's good to see more projects being built around this area. That Publix urban shopping center was one of the best things to happen to Riverside. My prediction is that new residences and mixed-use projects are going to spur off of this area, and spread/engulf the 5 Points area, as well as Park and King. I can only hope...

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