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Eastside Village, Plano, TX

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Eastside Village is one of the newest new-urbanism influenced apartment communities in the DFW Metroplex. Located in the suburb of Plano, TX, Eastside Village is located in Old Historic Downtown Plano. The location brings the best of classic time and place together with necessities and apartment lifestyle of the 21st century. Old DT Plano has distinctive Main Street appeal, to return people to a simpler way to living in dense places with that edge on contemporary life.

Eastisde Village is the first of its kind throughout Texas to have the most convenience. :lol:, this ought to put The Woodlands to shame. The apartment community is located on top of food cornerstores on street level, boutiques, cafes and businesses to offer walking advantage. That way, tenants here won't have to jump in their car for all that, alla sprawl influenced transportation.

Speaking of which, the Village is located just a few feet from DART Rail. That means the DART station is right at most people's doors so that people who work along the rail line, like in DT Dallas, can get on DART and not get stuck in traffic on US 75 Central Expressway. People also get on it to go to Dallas Zoo, Northpark Mall, West End and the Telecom Corridor. Another advantage to riding DART and living here is riding it for free because the management gives tenants free monthly DART passes during lease terms.

This and all other amenties, are affordable at monthly rent starting at $600. SF and NY can't beat that. But that is affordable enough to surround a commnity with comforts.

And now, some pics from Eastside Village and Dallas Area Rapid Transit websites. You can also learn more details on Eastside Village on the web page.


Note the Downtown Plano DART station being a few feet from the building. It's just hard to tell at night in the first one.





An aerial view of Eastside Village and the DART station.


A map to the community


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downtown Plano is a pretty nice little area. Besides just Eastside Village there are other mixed-use apt/condo buildings, as well as older downtown buildings that have been renovated. Much smaller, but much more cozy and truly urban than its cross-town counterpart Legacy Town Center. I wish DT Plano could see as much development though. The nicest area like this in Dallas though is the emerging West Village, but Eastside Village is great for an old DT. Great thing is, Las Colinas, Farmers Branch, Carrolton, Garland, and Lake Highlands are planning transit villages like this.

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Its really not that far from everything. Really close to a ton of retail, a mall, Central Expressway and two short stops from the Telecom Corridor if you worked there. Lots of nice shops and restaurants on their Main St(1 block away) and other New Urbanist apt complexes. City Hall is the building with the curved entrance on the left of the pic. Not shown in the pic is that they've started building townhomes and apts in the open lot to the left in the aerial. Its not as big as Legacy in West Plano, but has the advantages of rail and more unique retail.

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I have been looking for a place to live somewhere in the Dallas area, and this might be the one. My rent limits are probably about $550-$600 a month. These Eastside Plano apartments look $$$$$ :(

I'm also considering moving to the West Village area. Any thoughts, suggestions, warnings? :)

Mockingbird Station is very nice and is on a DART line in a midtown area of Dallas. There's a lot of retail and restaurants within 2 blocks. Any of this type of trendy development will be pricy, unfortunately.

Keep in mind the rest of Plano is ultimate suburbia, BTW, but the small downtown is definitely urbanizing.

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