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Columbia, SC - 5 Points Streetscaping


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I noticed all the trees had been cut down on Saturday... figured this was coming. It looks really different down there. Can't wait to see the finished project...

Phase 1 of Five Points facelift scheduled to get underway

(Columbia) Aug. 30, 2004 - Five Points is getting its first major facelift in 25 years.

Debbie Parker with the Five Points Association says it's a two year, $31-million streetscape project, "It was time for new landscaping, new street furniture, new signage."

A lot of construction work is going to take place before the final image will be realized and for some Five Points business owners and shoppers, the construction work is already on their minds.

Susan Hornsby works at the Oops! clothing store. She fears business could slow down because of the work, "It's a hassle. One thing we're really worried about, customers coming down here and not finding anywhere to park."

Down the street at Groucho's sandwich shop, waitresses like Mary Reaves say the construction work shouldn't be a problem, "We're pretty confident that it won't affect our business much. Many people have always come to Groucho's and they will always come to Groucho's."

The construction will be annoying for some who shop and eat in Five Points, but Parker says they are doing what they can to help, "We are trying very had to keep everyone informed. They'll be signage available to tell people this business is still here and open."

The Five Points streetscape project will be done in phases to keep business disruptions to a minimum. The first phase will begin later this week with the removal of the median on Harden Street.

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Just adding a follow-up story...

Making way for new trees

Area losing red tips, but others will replace them


Staff Writer

REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT; Sprucing up Five Points

To prepare for the first leg of a two-year, $30.5 million redevelopment project, all the red-tip trees are being removed from along Harden Street in Five Points.

But more trees, and a variety of trees, will be replanted as part of the beautification project.

The trees are being cut down this week between Blossom and Gervais streets because they grow over the drainage and sewage pipes the city is replacing.

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