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Why the Waterfront is bad


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I feel like the large investment is Homestead is a wasted opporunity.

Why? It's too large. Something so large is not easy to get, disconnected from the town and pulls traffic away from worthwhile city places. While a smaller version what have been a good enough boost for Homestead by itself - However it should have had a good amount of housing. It would be more of a neigborhood than retail mecca. Some other river areas could use this a lot better.

For example there is a ton of wide open flat land on the old J&L site in Beaver County on the river. I'm sure there were (area) others.

But with regard to the city, we have Squirrel Hill struggling a bit and this does nothing to help downtown.

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my sentiments exactly the PG did a piece on how Homestead even gave up tax revenue on the complex for 10 years or something to do with TIF financing so Homestead is basically where it was when the mill went out but with destroyed history and more traffic problems.

How the Waterfront got built with no REGIONAL plan on freeways, traffic patterns, utilities, parking and meshing with the other assets of the region is the reason we need CONSOLIDATION with the county and city, its enough of this gypsy camp mentality where on one sid of the street is something off a hollywood set and on the other an abandoned warehouse, theres no sanity nor will there ever be as long as every 2 square mile town or boro is competing against the neighboring 3 sq. mile boro or town. Its too many chiefs and not enough indians in this metroplex!

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