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Gracias. A lot of volunteerism and creativity goes into these nights by each of the independent venues. We do it every wifrst Wed of the month so don't miss the one on Oct. 6. Have fun.

Just got back from MKE. If you haven't been to Milwaukee Art Museum its worth a trip. Great downtown too with $150k and up condos, unbelievable. I spent most of the time wathcing the weather channel though.

Heading to Tampa for the Creative Cities Summit. Will bring back some love.


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Your trip sounded like my time spent in Memphis this past month. They have brand new loft projects starting at 99k and their downtown is a couple of years ahead of ours, as far as active streetlife and downtown housing goes.

Have fun in Tampa, I was a part of the Creative Tampa Bay Organization, before I relocated to Jax, last November. It will be interesting to see how far that movement has come along.

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^^ I wonder what level of incentives, if any, were provided in Memphis and Milwaukee for downtown housing. Those prices are what Jax needs to get the density (10,000 units) that the city needs in a shorter time frame.

I visited Milwaukee last year and enjoyed it very much. It really is a pretty city, but doesn't get its due, because Chicago is so close. I didn't have time to visit the art musuem, but the building itself is most impressive.

One thing about Milwaukee is that the theme from "Laverne & Shirley" kept playing in my head. ;)

Haven't made it to Memphis yet, but its on the list.

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