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Oakland pulls out of Cobo talks


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I think his term is over in November. Unfortunately, the people of O.C. will probably just elect him to another term, like they have done for the past (12?) years.

How that guy got into office I will never know. He is always a major obstacle to anything even remotely related to the entire metro region. As long as this guy's in office we can forget about regional cooperation, because it just isn't going to happen! For someone who was born and raised in the city of Detroit, he doesn't support his home town very much.

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Yeah, I think I read that he was elected in 92, so I guess that means this is an election year. Man I wish I lived in Oakland county so I go vote against that *#@$. Do you know who is running against him? Unfortunately, most of the people of vote will be the older folks and we re elect him again because they think things are fine as they are. The irony is that these are the same people that moved out to Oakland county to escape the same thing they are now becoming. History will repeat itself and what will become of Patterson's Oakland county in 50 years?

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Detroit's inner burbs are already showing signs of decay. In 50 years everyone will be living in the northern reaches of the county, with most people living in Lapeer, Genesee, and Livingston counties. Oakland will be just like Detroit - only there isn't much worth saving in Oakland. At least that's what will happen if current trends continue....

I already see signs of decay in Southfield. Its population has just about reached its peak, and some of the areas are starting to look pretty seedy. I've talked to many people who have moved out of Southfield in the past 10 years. Southfield is now 56% percent black, so it will be interesting to see whether racial harmony is obtained, or if white flight is occuring in the city. I guess we'll find out that answer after the 2010 census.

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