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11 Times Square AKA Times Square Plaza


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Right now the site of 11 Times Square is basically a dirt filled area, as I think the foundations are being created. Here's a look at the new planned 11 Times Square scheduled to join the rest of the Times Square cluster.



Stacking Plan:


Floor Plans:






Billboard at Site:


From Website:


11 Times Square is the newest addition to the impressive cluster of corporate headquarters in the Times Square District. Located at the gateway to the new "New 42nd Street," the 1,000,000 square foot monolith will rise as a majestic symbol of 21st century modernity and style. This newly constructed, class A office tower, occupying the southeast corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, will capture the imagination and spirit of the renaissance that transformed Manhattan's Midtown West into one of New York's most dynamic business districts.

Designed by Fox & Fowel Architects, PC, New York's Premier office building architect, 11 Times Square will serve as an exciting monument to the future. The 35 story, sculptural office tower will be elegantly sheathed in a state of the art aluminum and glass curtain wall. Perched high above the city, a rooftop atrium and telecommunications tower will crown the shimmering building.

At street level, passersby will be drawn 11 Times Square's expansive entrances, which will feature scaled, all glass walls and brilliant canopies. Once inside, visitors will enjoy 60,000 square feet of the finest ground floor retailers. The lobby, exclusively situated on the second floor, will provide a 24 concierge, a security desk, and a card reader security system. A stone, ornamental metal and wood motif, befitting the finest office towers in the world, will enrich the lobby's sophisticated design.

11 Times Square's outstanding construction and layout will provide tenants the opportunity to modify the space to meet their specific needs. Floors will range from 29,914 to 41,035 square feet and allow for 9' ceilings. High performance glass windows at the perimeter of the building will offer exceptional light and stunning views of the Hudson River and the Times Square area.

State-of-the-art mechanical systems will be integrated in the building to meet tenants' high level and diverse technological requirements.


A corporate tower's name gives it a unique identity and position among Manhattan's most illustrious skyscrapers. At 11 Times Square, the anchor tenant will be afforded significant naming potential.

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