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What's going on in Niagara Falls?

Wendell FOX

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It's not Toronto, but at the other end of the Golden Horseshoe lies the famous Niagara Falls, an entertainment magnet that's already on its way to surpassing nearby Buffalo's skyline, not to mention Niagara Falls, NY. Here are 2 major skyscraper projects U/C:

Crowne Plaza, 91m, 30 stories:





Niagara Falls Casino, Gateway Project (Hyatt hotel), 32 stories:






There's a live cam somewhere on this page but I can't find it: http://www.fallsmanagement.com/

Skyline pic (~2 months old):


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Niagara Falls just shot up out of nowhere! I remember going as a kid and there being just the two observation towers.

Yeah, now there are several observation places and all kinds of skyscrapers. I don't remember it being that way when I went there as a kid either.

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Yeah, most of the hotels in Niagara have been built in the last couple of years; I remember seeing the city a couple of years ago where the Marriott/original Sheraton were the tallest hotels and the Minolta Tower was still a landmark, now it's overshadowed and losing its marketing value fast. There's an approved proposal for a 58 story Hilton which would overshadow the Skylon Tower. IMO at this point they should still centre the skyline around the Skylon rather than surpass it and let 30/40+ story hotels fill the gaps more.

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