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Summer in Detroit

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Here are some photos I took earlier this summer but never got around to posting. Since I plan on taking a few hundred more photos this weekend, I decided that it was time to post these. Because I'm too tired to organize them any other way, they are just in the order I uploaded them.

Renaissance Center from the Riverwalk


150 West Jefferson


One Woodward Avenue


More of the Ren Cen


150 West Jefferson


Guardian Building


Ambassador Bridge


The Penobscot Building


Riverfront Towers




211 West Fort Street & the Penobscot Building


Looking down Fort Street towards the CBD


Pick-Fort Shelby Hotel




Fort Street Presbyterian Church


More of the Pick-Fort Shelby. Are they EVER going to renovate it?


Penobscot Building


150 West Jefferson


I think I already posted this pic, but why not post it again?


211 West Fort


The Guardian peaks through the buildings


Part 2

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Thanks! That church is an amazing piece of architecture. I have some better photos of it at home. I'll try to remember to bring them back when I go home this weekend so that I can post them.

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That really is a great looking church! Thanks for posting these Allan, it was very enjoyable!

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Great shots Allan. You really caught some angles of the city I haven't seen before.

I have been wondering when work would start on the Fort-Shelby. So much for having the building prepped for the Superbowl. I think fans will see Detroit as a "city under construction" rather than "in renaissance."

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The Fort Shelby seems to be off everyone's radar. The city does not have it on the high priority demoliton/redevelop list. No new proposals have come forward since the last proposal basically vaporized. The city is apparently so concerned with destroying the GCP and Lower Woodward areas that it does not have time or money to demolish the Pick-Fort Shelby.

I was impressed with the riverwalk myself. I had never been on the riverwalk when the weather was nice, so I was shocked to see how many people were out using it. Local residents out for a walk with their dogs...business people on break...friends enjoying ice cream cones...you name it, they were on the riverwalk. The riverwalk is definately a strong asset for the city.

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Fort Street Presbyterian is even more impressive on the inside. Very beautiful.

Don't you just love it when the weather cooperates... heh, nice pics Allan.

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The weather is always a big factor. Whenever I want to go take pics it is raining...like now, LOL. Actually, I have too much to do to go take pics now, although it's a nice thought.

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