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Got to Have, Don't take it away


If you had to lose all but one, which would you keep?  

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  1. 1. If you had to lose all but one, which would you keep?

    • Telephone
    • Cable/Satellite Television
    • Broadband Internet Connection

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Id keep my beloved internet connection. Ive had the missery of going two 4 weeks without it when my computer wouldnt work, it was complete hell. So I just bought a new computer which obviously solved the problem.

Telephone? Nah I use msn and aim too talk to people, and my mobile (if thts included as telephone) I use often, but the net is cheaper to talk to people and arrange things in my view.

And like Allan I dont often watch TV. Come to think of it the last time I purposely watched TV was last Thursday, and that was to watch the Simpsons :P

Other then that, I havent watched TV in weeks... seriously.

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With some broadband services you can get a telephone and satellite tv all in one package. So you could do all of these things from your computer.

If I had to vote: keep the internet. With AIM/MSN/etc. and most news companies broadcasting stories on the net, the other two may soon be obsolete.

Thats a scary thought!

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