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Uptown Houston


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Sorry if youre getting tired of Houston (4th post in a row), but hey, its a great town. Uptown Houston is an awsome, vibrant part of town 5 miles west of our CBD. Surrounded by higher per capita incomes than LA's Beverly Hills, Dallas' Highland Park and Atlanta's Buckhead, uptown is the place to be! Here are some ideas for Uptown Houston's "master plan" - (please search the rest of the site as well!) They look awsome to me...


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Uptown Houston is definitely in a class of its own. This area is also referred to as the Galleria area.

I think it is most comparable to Atlanta's Midtown.

They both have a large office space component and residential component. Houston's Uptown area has about 35 million sq ft with a 16.1% vacancy rate (year end 2004), while Atlanta's Midtown area has about 16 million sq ft with a 23.3% vacancy rate (1st Qtr 2004). Uptown Houston has approximately 30,000 people living within the Uptown area. Atlanta has about 26,000 people in the Midtown area. Atlanta's Midtown includes Piedmont Park. While Houston's Uptown area is adjacent to Memorial Park, it isn't as close. Both cities traffic problems are horrendous.

The biggest differences are in the cultural, retail, and mass transit areas.

As Houston's Uptown does not include Houston's Museum District, it has fewer cultural points of interest. Atlanta's Midtown includes many cultural points of interest. Another big difference between Atlanta's Midtown and Houston's Uptown is the amount of retail space in both areas. Partly because Houston's Uptown includes the 2.4 million sq ft Houston Galleria, total retail space in Houston's Uptown is over 5 million sq ft. On the other hand, Atlanta's Midtown has 745,000 sq ft of retail. Options for mass transit are currently more prevalent in Atlanta's Midtown because of the fixed rail MARTA system which has 2 stations in Midtown. Houston is currently working to bring light rail to the Uptown area. Generally, people in Atlanta are more likely to use mass transit than people in Houston. According to the American Public Transit Association, Atlanta's MARTA has provided 35,000 trips through March of 2005 compared with 24,000 trips for Houston's Metro Transportation Authority of Harris County.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Houston's Uptown. I find that the "energy" of the city is more than that of other cities. And who wouldn't want to walk out their balcony for a view of the William's Tower!?!?! By the way, I am from and currently reside in the San Antonio Metro area.

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