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Progress energy tower in Raleigh NC

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Just a little update,

In Raleigh, the cranes are getting higher and higher on the Progress Energy tower I think they are at the seventh or eighth floor of the skeletal frame of the building.

In Durham, Hock towers is reaching its eleven story mark of its skeletal frame across the street from Duke University medical center.

(This was just a little status info) :)

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I got some pictures, but I need to find a free host , where linking is allowed. I tried in some old SSP thread to create some links to my personal page, but I had to use another web site, totally unrelated to urbanity, in order to link to some pictures.

After coming back from an overseas trip, last Sunday, I drove downtown to see the Titanic exhibit and the progress of the Two Progress Plaza. They have really moved fast and made tremendous progress. I strongly believe that delivering on schedule, and with the minimal amount of disruption, is the key to building downtown. So far, life downtown has not been disturbed by the ongoing projects, including the former Hudson Belk, but then again we do not have the busy, highly populated center that could potentially be disrupted, anyway :(

Also, my Raleigh MSA page hasn't gone anywhere since I initiated the effort to create something for this area. As soon as I find the time and energy, I will make a little progress and I will upgrade the service, in order to get more space and unlimited access. That way, I can post more pics and link them here, without a problem.

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I have already posted a thread with recent photos of Two Progress Plaza and Hudson. Nothing extraordinary, but it is a decent update on two major/important projects going on Downtown Raleigh. Finally, I upgraded the web-hosting plan I was using, to a plan that allows for more access and linking from other sites. Also, I updated the section for "Downtown Raleigh", to include a list of all major projects inside the center of Raleigh, with images.

Last, but not least, the photos I took were the product of a co-worker's generocity and trust. He let me borrow his digital camera in order to take about 180 shots around Raleigh's core. Sure, I put a lot of work to keep the size down to minimum (and reduced the quality, too :(), but without his camera I would not have been able to achieve anything at all.

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